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Jamie Oliver's Daal with Fried Egg

I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver, so when I saw his Squash Daal and Fried Egg lunch dish on his new Superfoods programme the other night, I made it immediately.

Daal is one of my favourite things ever, and I had already made a batch of my favourite coconut daal (recipe here, as featured on Telegraph Food) that was keeping in the fridge. Daal is low fat, low calorie (ish) and very high protein, plus it keeps you really really full - I have it at least once a week.

Jamie had used butternut squash in his daal to up the veg content, but I was having this for breakfast and didn't really fancy it, so just had straight daal.

For the egg, I toasted off some mustard seeds, turmeric, fresh chilli and cumin (I was out of curry leaves) in a teensy bit of coconut oil, before cracking the egg in and trying his trick of covering the pan - I used a plate - to kind of coddle the eggs, reducing the amount of oil you need.

What I should have realised was that this would cook the egg much quicker as a result. So, I ended up with a harder yolk than I would have liked - upsetting.

Still, a completely delicious and super healthy start to the day, coming in somewhere around the 250 calorie mark. Amazing.

I topped it with fresh coriander and some Rachel's Organic Ginger Yoghurt, because weirdly I'm loving it with Indian food at the mo.

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