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Free Farmdrop Shop!

You know how I've been banging on about Farmdrop a lot? They're an online marketplace that lets you buy delicious, fresh food direct from local farmers and producers. Like when I got this incredible chicken...

So good.

Well anyway, the nice people there have got in touch and kindly offered all my readers a free £20 towards their first shop. Just spend £20.01 to enjoy the offer using the code: REVOLUTIONJO. It’s only valid for the next 14 days… so get shopping!

There's all sorts of things on there from organic meat, fish and dairy to store cupboard staples and really exciting fresh produce like courgette flowers, nasturtiums and all the great veg that you don't tend to see in supermarkets.

Tweet me and tell me if you find anything good! I highly recommend the Fosse Meadows whole chicken and the Purton House organic beef burgers.

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