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Hi! I'm the Jo in Jo Eats London and I've been committed to eating tasty things in our fabulous capital for a long time now. I'd been saying I wanted to start some kind of food blog for ever, so when I went on maternity leave I finally found the time and inclination to do it,  and here we are. These days work gets in the way so the blog is rather nelected. 


I'm enthusiastic but I'm not the best or worst cook in the world; I can't follow a recipe to save my life but I do LOVE love love food. I love restaurants, I love bars, I love eating, drinking, cooking, shopping for and even just reading about food, so this is essentially an outpouring of all of the above with some very mediocre phone photography. Enjoy.


For media enquiries, suggestions, or anything else do feel free to pop me over an email on the address below. It makes me feel popular. 

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