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Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde translates literally as 'green sauce' and is my favourite sauce of all time, to the extent that we served it at our wedding (over rare lamb, parmesan polenta and courgette ribbons, since you ask). Salsa verde is also the sauce on this delish Polpo dish of cod and lentils, albeit a slightly different version to mine - everyone's got their own version:

It's stupidly simple and really packs a flavour punch. Have it with your Easter lamb instead of a boring old roast. I used the remainder of my lovely wild garlic for this, but standard garlic will do just fine if not.


(all measures are approximate)

Handful parsley

Handful basil

Handful mint

Handful wild garlic, or one bulb crushed garlic

2 tbsp capers

Tsp dijon mustard

Tsp red wine vinegar

A few anchovies

Tbsp good olive oil

Tbsp water

Squeeze of lemon

Whizz up in blender and adjust to taste.

Mix it up with a gherkin / chilli / coriander / whatever else takes your fancy and spoon it over everything from salads to meats to quinoa.

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