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Goodness Burritos

I'm not going to pretend these are any match for the likes of Chipotle, Chilango's or Benito's Hat; they're not. They're a different beast entirely, in that they're nowhere near the 900 calorie mark (Chipotle, I'm looking at you) and are packed full of health giving foods that are tasty but will not put you in a carb coma for the forseeable.

I had a few mini tortilla wraps hanging around, so used a couple of those (92 cals each), but the bigger ones are only a few calories more to be honest. I roasted a pumpkin in some olive oil, chilli and garlic for about an hour and crisped up some kale in a dry pan and high heat, turning throughout. I'd also toasted and then boiled some quinoa in some homemade veg stock.

Assemble by spreading a heaped tbsp of quinoa across the wrap before topping with the pumpkin, kale and a sliver of crumbly feta. Some sliced spring onions and a bit of extra chilli pep things up a bit, then drizzle with yoghurt and some tahini if you have it. Finish with lime and black nigella seeds. Feel virtuous.

I reckon they're about 300 cals tops if you're easy on the olive oil, feta and tahini.

PS. if you really can't bear a meat-free burrito some spicy chicken wouldn't go amiss either.

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