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Virtuous Vietnamese Wraps

A quick post today; these are Vietnamese lettuce wraps and they're a lifesaver for anyone trying to drop a few pounds as they are so low in fat, but still taste scrummy. I had three or four wraps and my portion came in at around 460 calories.

I've done these before with pork or beef mince, but this time I used turkey as it is the lowest fatmeat known to man but high in protein. Stir fry it quickly with the tiniest bit of olive oil, then add in chopped pepper, garlic, grated carrot, grated ginger, plenty of spring onion and LOADS of chillis. Season with a bit of soy, a splash of mirin and a tablespoon of good crunchy peanut butter. I like the Whole Earth one. If you're feeling particularly hefty that day then leave the peanut butter out as you're looking at almost 100 calories just for that, but it does make it taste really good. Sprinkle lots and lots of coriander and / or mint over it and you're ready to wrap. A retro iceberg lettuce does the best job of this, but a plain round lettuce also works. If you've got a hungry man to feed too then I suggest serving with some beansprouts and noodles in soy, honey and garlic.

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