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L'Antica Hampstead

It is very unusual for me to want to eat at the same place twice in one weekend, but L'Antica made me do it. It's a teeny tiny little place on the hill going up Heath Street in Hampstead and we're quite frankly obsessed with it*. Their pizzas, which I idiotically did not photograph once, are insanely good - we're talking almost Franco Manca good here - and they have lots of other lovely lovely things to eat and drink. The one picture I did manage to take shows their burrata (YUM) and an Aperol Spritz, which I will be drinking with gusto as we near summer. Anyway, back to their pizzas, they are properly delicious Neapolitan style pizzas cooked in their wood oven and the toppings are just out of this world. The smoked mozzarella is a revelation, and they have this amazing Neapolitan sausage which is almost like the texture of 'wet' chorizo that you get on Franco Manca pizzas, but really fragrant with fennel and kind of sticky in a really good way. I don't usually like meat on pizzas, but I reckon this is enough to turn anyone into a determined pig guzzler. The Caravaggio and Annibale are my faves so far but I'm willing to bet they are all OOC. So, if you're ever in the area, go. Do not go to the Pizza Express next door. Or, in fact, do as it means we will always get a table.

* 'We're' = me and my professional pizza enthusiast fiance

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