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Mam Sham: The Last Resort

Photo Sam Rockman

Like food? Yes, that's why you're here. What about booze? Also, a big yes from me. Laughing? Tick. Well, draw closer children as a few weeks ago I spent a frankly hilarious Friday night doing all of the above at what can probably best be described as an immersive supper club that popped up in the basement of a creative agency in Shoreditch (of course).

Mam Sham are two long-time girl friends who wanted to combine their two big loves: food and comedy. And they've done it by putting on a monthly series of three course themed feasts with each course matched to a very funny comedian who will be doing their level best to make you giggle throughout your dinner. Oh, and there's a small matter of unlimited drinks throughout, which certainly helps the night go off with a bang.

The evenings are ticketed - and I suggest you try and buy ahead as The Last Resort sold out quickly - and there's a certain element of mystery to them. So, whilst I knew the theme of the evening was 'summer holidays', and the acts that would be on, you have no clue about the specifics of the food and drink - in a good way. They'll try to cater to serious dislikes and allergies, but really you need to just go hungry and get stuck in as Mam Sham know their way around a kitchen and they also get some great guest chefs on board to help out - the latest was the clever chap at The Gravy Social (Head Chef at Patty&Bun).

Photo Sam Rockman

Each month has a different theme and different comics, so I'll let you have a quick peek at what went on at their last one, though I can't go into detail on the acts as that would completely ruin their set.

We took off with the UTTERLY hilarious Eshaan Akbar. Check him out here. If you haven't been to see him, you should go as he is properly funny. His upcoming gigs are here.

Photo Sam Rockman

Eshaan's routine was about his holidays to Bangladesh and being racially profiled which was funnier than it should be. We lolled our way through this accompanied by some delicious Jhaal Muri (a Bengali street snack of masala puffed rice) and some deeply suspicious pakoras. Look, you had to be there; it was great.

For mains we moved on to Rowena & Maisie... Poolside and a cringe inducing naturist picnic complete with the most adorable little picnic basket sharers including fancy potato salad, glazed chicken drumsticks, aloo gobi scotch eggs and homemade labneh and pickled cucumber sarnies (and more).

Photos both Sam Rockman

The finale was courtesy of A Man to Pet who brought plenty of Club Tropicana vibes to the table with an extremely graceful cabaret drag bikini act and pina colada inspired jelly.

Photo Sam Rockman

All this for the bargainous price of £37. I mean, a trip to the pub next door would cost you that and that is for three courses of properly good food, three highly funny acts AND all the booze you can sink in 3-4 hours (this event had bottles of beer, wine and plenty of things in a tin). If you're up for a sizeable LOL, then you should get yourself on Mam Sham's mailing list to be sent details of their next event and hope the table centrepieces are just as classy as this.

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