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Brunch NYC Style

If you haven't signed up to Emerald Street's brilliant daily mail outs, then I suggest you do so sharpish. They very helpfully pointed out recently that New Street Grill offers a NYC style Sunday brunch; translation - all you can drink prosecco and amazing food for the teeny tiny sum of about £30. My friend Julia and I had already experienced this sort of phenomen at SoHo House in New York and we were damned if we were going to pass up the opportunity to do so again.

So, four of us trekked over to the edge of the City/Shoreditch with our brunching caps firmly on. New Street is a cute little side alley with a couple of bars and restaurants, most of them with pretty little al fresco courtyards, so have a look if you're near Liverpool Street anytime soon. On arrival, the staff at New Street Grill were very enthusiastic (clearly they did not know our prosecco drinking capacity) and we all felt like minor celebrities, which is never a bad thing in my book. We sat in kind of a conservatory area, which was lovely and friendly and casual and basically felt very un-D&D like. The prosecco pouring started in earnest. Seriously, every time I looked at my glass it was full and believe me, I was drinking that bad boy as if my life depended on it for a good three hours.

Food wise, there are lots of lovely breakfasty and brunchy type dishes to choose from and the menu included in the set deal is pretty extensive. I went for the kedgeree scotch egg (yum) and then the lobster mac. It was very sexy, as you can see in the photo above. I wish I could eat it again now. We shared a couple of puddings between us, just to make sure that we definitely imbibed enough sugar based calories (Bakewell tart and Queen of puddings as you ask) and then paid up. I can't bear to look at my receipts from Sunday yet but I know that the damage here was only about £35 each - AMAZING.

If only we'd called it a day then. But no, we felt we then had to take advantage of half price Sunday at Shoreditch House. After several espresso martinis it then seemed prudent to jog over to Angel and partake in some Lucky Voice based activity where sadly we drank a lot of wine and many rounds of some weird shots with Flying Saucer sweets on top. On a Sunday :(

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