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Passion Fruit and Chilli Martinis

My friend Julia and I made these recently as a bit of a change from drinking gallons of white wine, and it was a good decision. Shoreditch House often do them in the summer, so we made an educated guess at the recipe and it turned out pretty well. I'd made Julia chilli vodka for Christmas, so she bought that over but you could just as well use plain and up the fresh chilli content...


Fresh NOT FROM CONCENTRATE tropical juice

Chilli vodka

Fresh chillis

Cuarenta Y Tres (aka 43, an amazing vanilla flavour Spanish liqueur)



We mixed two shots of vodka with one of 43 and about 250mls of juice and shook it all up in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into martini glasses, add half a passion fruit and a few slices of chilli and you're done.

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