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Prawn Tacos

I don't know about you, but fajitas are a regular feature in our weekday dinner repetoire as they are so quick, cheap and easy to do and you can almost be fooled that they are kind of a healthy option - they are not! If, like us, you have a blob of sour cream and a good handful of grated cheese in your wrap along with chicken, peppers, guacamole and salsa then sadly you're looking at around 500 calories. And I don't think many of us stick to just one... upsetting. So, this week when I managed to bag myself 10 good avocadoes for the princely sum of just £1, I knew that guacamole was on the cards but really wanted to stay away from the calories of fajitas. A quick perusal of the Mexican aisle in Tesco told me that there are far far fewer calories in taco shells than in a flour tortilla (even a mini one), so tacos it is. I won't bore you with a recipe, as its obviously pretty self explanatory, but I would say don't use those crappy pre-made guacamole or salsas, they really ruin a perfectly good meal and it is not taxing to mush up some avocado with a bit of garlic, coriander and lime. For my salsa I used fresh pineapple, yellow pepper, tomato, red onion, chilli, lime and more coriander. Now I'm not a fruit in savoury food fan - its not like I go about ordering ham and pineapple pizzas or anything - but I do think a bit of well judged fresh fruit can add a certain something to salsas (mango works well too). I went with prawns for my protein and marinated them in garlic and paprika before cooking.

We didn't miss the sour cream or cheese at all, as the crunch of the tacos mean you can get away with it, whereas I think if you used tortillas the result may be a bit sad. Each filled taco came in at approx 220 calories but you do need to go easy on the guac; yes it is very good for you but those EFAs* come at a cost of 300 cals per small avocado.

*Essential Fatty Acids

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