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Even More No Spaghetti Spaghetti

If you're bored of seeing me going on about spaghetti squash, then I'm sorry, but I promise there are only a few more weeks left of the season and it's so hard to find sauces that work with it that I thought this was worth sharing. You know how to deal with the squash by now - cut it either lengthways in half or in rings (gives longer strands, but bit more faff to pull out) and roast for about 40-45 mins depending on the size. Scoop out the strands using a fork or spoon and set aside.

I chopped up about 20g of chorizo into slices and flash fried them off in a dry frying pan along with a handful of pitted black olives, just to get the lovely paprika oils going. Using my trusty mini whizzer (there's one on the left in the sidebar if you're on a desktop) I coarsely blended a handful of coriander/basil/parsley with a garlic clove, lemon juice, salt, tiny splash of olive oil, dash of water and tbsp of pumpkin seeds. It makes a kind of vegan pesto. Keep tasting and adding until you're happy with the flavour for your own tastes.

Stir all the components together for a tasty and healthy meal of around 350-400 calories.


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