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Albion's Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Pickled Cucumber Sandwich


Just a quickie today as I really felt this beauty of a sandwich deserved a mention. Located in what is apparently now termed 'Neo Bankside' - UGH, let's stick to calling it Southwark like always, shall we? - is the Conran owned cafe-cum-restaurant-cum-bar-cum-deli, Albion. There's one in Shoreditch too, which is more just a cafe/shop, behind Shoreditch House and it does excellent breakfasts.

Anyway, this 'Bankside' one is just right for a working lunch and anyone working in the Blue Fin building should make it their business to eschew the fancy canteen and pick themselves one of these up for a change. It's possibly the biggest sandwich of all time (of those that aren't trying to supersize themselves), to the extent that two of us shared this one and still couldn't finish it - and believe me, we can eat. The pic above is less than half of the sandwich and I really wish I'd put something next to it for scale!

Packed full of a good inch and a half of top quality smoked salmon (almost stands up to the stuff I can get round here in Golders Green), cream cheese (which doesn't come anywhere near the cool whipped stuff of Panzer's or even a Paysanne Breton), what makes this sandwich is the tart and tangy pickled cucumber. I'd love to know how they've done it as it is very different to a gherkin type pickle, and it puts a definite modern spin on this classic combo. There was also a welcome hint of dill and a nicely heavyhanded addition of black pepper.

The bread is malty and without the cloying sweetness that sometimes occurs with wholemeal, so is to be wholly commended and bodes well for the rest of their baked goods offering.

If my memory serves me correctly, this delicious sandwich will set you back around £6, and possibly even a bit less to take away. A nice change from the Pret Christmas sandwich*.

*I'd imagine; I haven't had a single one this year due to my new role as lady of leisure

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