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Making your own mincemeat may feel like a bit of a hassle, but really it is so simple and far nicer than anything you can buy in a jar. Almost anything goes, but this is my recipe and it tastes good to me; without suet so it's suitable for vegetarians, this is like Christmas in a jar. Make now and use next week to allow for a nicely boozy mixture that is perfect for mince pies, or a festive mincemeat strudel.


150g sultanas

150g raisins

150g dried cranberries

1 apple grated

Zest and juice of one clementine

Big handful of almonds, chopped

50g butter

Plenty of sherry

Ground cinnamon


Melt the butter in a pan and add a good sprinkling of ground cinnamon and then all the ingredients apart from the sherry. Mix well, allowing all the flavours to mingle and become coated in the spiced butter mix.

Using a clean, sterilised airtight jar (like the one we used for Limoncello) add the mixture and then pour as much sherry as you dare over it. Stir in and then leave for as long as you can before using, although it will be ready the next day if you must.


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