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Easy Hanukkah Treats

Hanukkah has come in, and as well as lighting the menorah every night, tradition dictates that you must eat lots of little fried things as a symbol of the oil that burned for eight days in the victory of the Maccabees. Latkes - little potato and onion rosti type cakes - are a traditional food to eat over Hanukkah, so to celebrate the first night I thought I'd do some mini latke treats that require almost no fussing about with at all.

If you want to make your own latkes, I tell you more about how to do so here, but I confess this time I bought them as I had zero time. Historically, these should be topped with sour cream but really any dairy will do, so I went for creme fraiche at half the fat content of sour cream, and blended it with a whole cooked (not in vinegar) beetroot and a dollop of very very hot horseradish sauce.

Spoon on top in the manner of a blini and finish with a flourish of good smoked salmon (it really is worth splashing out on this - any of the Jewish delis in North West London will have amazing salmon or 'lox') and a tiny garnish of dill.

These pretty little canapes will be coming out quite a bit over the 'Christmukkah' season in our house I think.

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