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Skinny Mini Egg 'Muffins'

Another day, another diet breakfast. These are yummy little omelette type things made in a muffin tray. I used crispy bacon, baby plum tomatoes and basil in mine but the options are endless.

I grilled about six rashers of lean bacon whilst I made the egg mixture - I used six eggs, which made about 18 muffins, plus a handful of roughly chopped tomatoes and a sprinkling of fresh basil. I ummed and aahed over putting milk in, which I never usually do with an omelette but I needed to make the mixture go quite far so I added about 100ml skimmed milk. If you're doing dairy free then you could use coconut milk (the dairy alternative, not the creamy stuff for curries) but I'd steer away from mediterranean flavours with this. Whisk together and then add some chopped bacon. Bacon isn't actually that bad for a dieter, and even if you eat three or so of these little muffins, it still only amounts to one whole rasher (one rasher = roughly 60 calories).

Pour the mixture into the muffin trays taking care not to overfill as they are going to fluff up like a small souffle.


After 10 minutes in the oven they will look something like this:


After a few more minutes they should be ready to come out. They should slip out of their moulds easily.

Two to three of these should be good for a small portion. This particular combination is about 40-50 calories per muffin. They are also really nice cold, so you could even take these to work for a healthy snack or a good breakfast at your desk.


Other combinations I'm going to make include:

Salmon and dill

Chorizo (teeny amount) and pepper

Spinach and garlic mushroom

Crab, lemon and parsley

Sundried tomato and ham

Imagine how tasty they would be if cheese was allowed!

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