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Juice Fasting: On Trial

So last night, a nice man delivered three large specially prepared bags of juices to my door - luckily narrowly missing the delivery guy from Tiffin Tin (best Indian takeaway in North London, fact). This is all that will be passing my lips for the next three days as I embark on the Nosh Detox (I know, the headlines write themselves) Beginner Juice Fast.

I'm always in the market to lose a bit of weight, and after three weeks of daily drinking I could also do with a bit of abstinence. I do not believe in the process of 'detox' as many people understand it; our bodies are perfectly able to filter out nasties by themselves without the aid of weird herbal foot patches and the like, but giving your system a break from difficult to digest foods like wheat, dairy and definitely alcohol is also a good thing - IN THE SHORT TERM - and will of course result in some quick (and possibly temporary) weight loss.

After a weekend of food poisoning from a dodgy shawarma, I've only been able to manage small amounts of pretty plain foods - I just had a nice dhal and rice from Tiffin Tin - and am still horrendously dehydrated, so I'm actually really up for starting the juice fast today and getting my strength back with some properly nourishing and vitamin packed juices.

Stay tuned for daily updates (hopefully!) and send me your tips for getting through the hard times! I'm still going to have to prepare lunches and dinners for Leo and Rich, which I'm anticipating will be tortuous...

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