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Juice Fast: Day Two

I survived Day One and woke up in a much better mood for Day Two. I still had a headache and a very sore throat, which the ladies at Nosh say can happen as any underlying bugs will come out in a detox just like how people are often ill at Christmas or on holiday as your body knows it has time to regroup. Other than that I felt optimistic but very very hungry. My stomach was really growling, but the hot water and lemon and then the 8.30am lemon and ginger tonic did seem to placate it.

Luckily the herbal tea for day two is not as bad as the bark tea, so I had several cups of the olive tea provided, which is designed to lower fever, blood pressure and aid kidney function. It tasted of generic herbal tea, so I determinedly knocked it back in an effort to rid myself of the headache.

The smoothies were all just as nice as yesterday's; I really enjoyed the strawberry protein smoothie (pictured) for 'lunch' and wasn't hungry as such, it's just an odd feeling not to be able to look forward to food and plan meals. I made Leo a spinach fritatta and fed it to him in the manner of Whoopi Goldberg handing over the megabucks cheque to the nuns in Ghost.

Being cooped up in the house all day yesterday was tricky, so I made an effort to get out and distract myself with the Homebase Mill Hill closing down sale. Oh yes, I know how to enjoy myself. That killed an hour or so.

Returning home, something odd happened. I started to feel full of energy and probably like I was on speed. I spring cleaned the whole house for about three hours, stopping only for my 4.30pm smoothie, barely giving a thought to food. This (the cleaning) is unlike me, lets say.

The speedy feeling continued and I felt really, really, *really* good! How exciting. I fed Leo his dinner of spring vegetable pasta with abandon, cleaning all the while, and hardly batted an eyelid at Rich tucking into a delicious curry when he came back from work.

I had a brief wobble when I thought about my friends enjoying endless free G&T's at a fancy new members club I couldn't join them at but I took myelf off for a relaxing bath, which I never get to do because I'm always making or eating dinner, and bravely enjoyed another smoothie for dinner afterwards. In fact I'd go as far as to say that I felt smug. Rich even remarked upon my good mood, which only increased by being allowed to have another of the very yummy Nut Mylks.

This was the first night in almost as long as I can remember that I haven't been absolutely exhausted by 10pm. I was literally buzzing and only managed to drift off at 11.30 or so (late for me these days).

Bring on the final day and hopefully some decent weight loss!

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