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Juice Fast: Day Three

Finally I'm on the home stretch and I find that day three is the easiest of them all. I've got into the swing of fasting and no longer expect to eat food at traditional mealtimes, instead find myself other things to do as a means of distraction.

Hot water and lemon is my new favourite way to start the day and now even my prized black coffee feels too 'toxic' to drink first thing. I easily wait for my 11am smoothie and actually almost forget to drink my 1pm Protein offering - although this could have been something to do with being distracted by Brent Cross Zara.

Being out and about is a double edged sword; on the one hand it is easier to fast away from the temptations of the fridge and the potential boredom of being at home, but on the other, picking up a coffee or treating myself to a coconut water is so ingrained in my shopping behaviour that I had to keep reminding myself it was verboten. Don't even get me started on the minis at Lola's Cupcakes.

At home the mint tea of Day Three is a great diversion. I like mint tea very much anyway, and this blend was really nice and refreshing. Mint tea is a great thing to drink as a) it fills you up, b) it has possible health benefits for digestion and c) don't you always find that minty things stop you wanting to eat, like when you've just brushed your teeth? An all round winner.

The buzzy energy feeling I talked about yesterday continued throughout Day Three and in fact was a bit alarming as I kind of rely on being tired by 10.30ish. Instead my heart was racing and I actually felt quite anxious, to the extent that I was googling 'juice fast side effects' from my bed. I eventually dropped off, but woke several times in the night still feeling the same way, interspersed with crazy dreams about the tapas I'm planning on eating when this is all over.

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