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Cocktail O'Clock: Forest Fizz

Friday deserves a cocktail, so this is the first of a new series of regular posts to make sure no-one forgets Cocktail O'Clock. The nice people at Appletiser sent me some of their new flavour to try, Apple & Blackcurrant, and yes sure it's a perfectly delicious drink to have if you're on the wagon or taking it a bit easy but it's a lot better with the addition of gin. I made this one up with the current contents of my fridge and drinks cabinet, give it a go and see what you think:

One shot gin (I used Gordon's as I have loads left over from the wedding)

One shot elderflower cordial

One kirsch soaked cherry (buy these by the jar and try not to eat them as a snack)

Top up with Apple & Blackcurrant Appletiser

Stir and enjoy!

Salute x

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