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Cocktail O'Clock: Lychee Rose Martini

I used to drink these in Zebranos on Greek Street if I was feeling particularly flush before moving onto the happy hour wine, and a recent poshed up version at the long bar at the Sanderson has rekindled my love for this pretty little cocktail. Exotic and perfumed but potent, this is the perfect drink to kick off the weekend.


One or two shots good and very cold vodka. I like Russian Standard.

One shot rose water. You should be able to find this in the Middle Eastern / Turkish aisle of your local supermarket, or perhaps the bit with the fancy 'ingredients' in. Use more if you like rose, less if you don't.

Top up with lychee juice. Still seems to be quite an acquired taste, so I can't find it fresh anywhere and don't have the inclination or equipment to make my own, so settled for juice from concentrate. Still tasted great.

Stir and dress with lychee and dried rose petals. Its like a princess in a glass.

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