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Wild Garlic Pesto and Burrata Courgetti

Spring is kind of here and the courgettes are getting fat, so it must be time for courgetti again. I'm a long time fan of this pasta dodging summer staple and over the last year or so it seems everyone else has got on board with it too, with foodie stars like the fab Hemsley & Hemsley and Deliciously Ella really championing it. I love pasta, I really really do, but my waistline does not so I try and save it for a treat now rather than mindlessly eating it as a quick midweek dinner. Courgetti is *almost* as versatile and it is just as quick to prepare and cook - especially if you have a spiraliser like I do.

The trick with courgetti is to not put anything too wet with it, as it will emit water. I had some more wild garlic from my secret source, so made a nice little pesto out of it with some pine nuts. The clever people at Waitrose are now stocking burrata, which is excellent news, so as this is a #meatfree recipe it didn't seem too indulgent to pop some on top along with some caramelised heritage tomatoes and some extra toasted pine nuts for crunch.

As this one doesn't really involve cooking as much as just combining ingredients and tossing them together in a pan at the last min, I've just popped the recipe for the pesto below.

Handful wild garlic

2 tbsp pine nuts

Squeeze lemon juice

Handful basil

100ml olive oil

1 tbsp water

20g parmesan / pecorino or any hard cheese you have to hand if not

Plenty of salt and pepper

Blend in a mini chopper until desired consistency. Adjust to taste.

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