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FRAQs Lobster Shack, Fitzrovia

In recent months London has seen a plethora of new casual lobster dining spots: Fraqs Lobster Shack, Smack Lobster and Lobster Kitchen all opened within months and meters of each other late last year, adding to the existing - more formal - London Lobster, Steak & Lobster and of course Burger & Lobster successes.

Anyone serving affordable lobster is worth a look, I think, so I dropped into New England style Fraqs Lobster Shack when I was nearby recently as I knew they did takeaway. It's only a tiny place, but it's really cute inside. Lots of lobster paraphernalia and seaside styling and a small dining area for those wishing to settle in. The 2 lobster roll, 2 sides and 1/2 bottle champagne was rather a tempting proposition, but I was on my own and it was barely lunchtime.

Instead I opted for the garlic lobster roll, which they say is their most popular item, and a spicy prawn and avocado roll to take home and share with my mother-in-law who had been being terrorised by Leo all morning. I felt it was only fair.

The two rolls came to around £13 and came presented in a little box to take away and luckily preventing me from scoffing them on the way home.

We shared them between us, and were really impressed with both of them. Both had generous portions of sweet, meaty well cooked seafood and the slightly grilled brioche-like bread (so, not in fact, a roll) was the perfect receptacle. The spicy prawns were actually quite spicy, which was rare and welcome, plus the accompanying salad on both rolls was crisp and nicely balanced with spring onion to cut through the rich mayo. I can only imagine how delicious the lobster roll would be washed down with 1/2 a bottle of champagne, but Marilyn doesn't drink and ok yes it was a Monday lunchtime.

Good work Fraqs!

Next stop, Lobster Kitchen, who have also gone for the New England vibe. It's only fair to compare and contrast, I feel and their The Skinny lobster roll (just olive oil, parsley and chive) has my name all over it.

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