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Cocktail O'Clock: Boozy Cucumber Lemonade

‘We don’t like gin’ is something that my fiancé and I would say when offered a gin and tonic. In fact I would go as far as to say that it should only ever be used on cuts and scrapes. However feeling as though we were missing out on a few free drinks (my fiancé is in the military and they always seem to offer a gin and tonic before a formal function) we declared 2014 the Year of Gin and decided to try and get on board with it once and for all. This led to a pretty good year where we sampled a lot of gin (deciding that Hayman’s Old Tom is our favourite) and came to the conclusion that it is the tonic that we don’t like - still missing out on some free drinks then.

During the recent warm spell we decided to make some cucumber lemonade to add to gin for a refreshing cocktail to enjoy in the garden. Below is the recipe:

Juice from 1lb cucumbers

Juice of 7/8 lemons

2 cups of water

100g sugar

Soda water to taste

Cucumber peel to garnish

Thanks to a lovely work colleague who is aware of our aim to try different gins we have a number of miniatures in the fridge ready for tasting. We added this to Broker’s London Dry Gin and it was wonderfully crisp and refreshing. If this is the calibre of drink that I will be enjoying in the sun in the garden I can’t wait for summer to be fully upon us.

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