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Kale, Feta & Sriracha Scramble

Weeks of hot cross buns, mini eggs and a run of birthday celebrations mean that I have acquired some extra poundage lately and my PT (the fantastic Laura Williams) has had to stage a small intervention, so expect a very welcome return to healthy eating and calorie counting. Here's a 280 calorie brunch dish of crispy kale with scrambled eggs and fairly low cal feta to get us started:

Ingredients (serves one)

Two eggs

20g feta

Handful of kale

Smidgen of coconut oil


Fry the kale in the coconut oil for a few minutes. A high heat and not too much fat should mean it crisps up nicely, providing the dish with some texture. Remove from the pan and use any coconut oil residue to briefly scramble the eggs. Again, high heat, lots of movement and your eggs should scramble in seconds - no need to bother doing a long drawn out soft scrambling process as without butter it's pointless to try and achieve the same richness. Crumble the feta over the egg and drizzle with plenty of sriracha. Feel virtuous.

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