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Cajun Swordfish & Mango Salsa

This is summer on a plate. Sitting in the garden eating this in 25C sunshine, I could almost imagine I was on holiday were it not for the Northern line interrupting my reverie every three minutes and the fact I was sober.

Swordfish is a big meaty fish and one that probably even people who don't tend to like fish would like - especially as the steaks are boneless. It's very firm in texture, even more so than a tuna steak, and really stands up to robust flavours like this Cajun style rub. At just 170 calories per 100g, it's on a par with a joyless skinless chicken breast except it contains a good dose of omega-3s and plenty of vitamin D to boot. I got mine from the fish counter in Tesco, so it's readily available. I made a speedy mango salsa to go with it, but if you're funny about fruit in food just use tomatoes instead. This whole dish took under ten minutes...

Ingredients (serves one)

1/3 of a mango

One large chilli

Handful coriander (use mint if you hate coriander, you weirdos)

Juice of 1/2 a lime

Approx 200g or two steaks of swordfish

Tsp dried oregano

Tsp dried thyme

Tsp tomato puree

Tsp paprika

Tsp cayenne pepper

One garlic clove, crushed

Combine the herbs, spices, garlic and tomato puree and rub all over the swordfish. Heat a griddle pan with a few sprays of Fry Lite whilst you chop the mango, coriander and chilli and mix all together with the lime juice. That's the salsa done. Cook the fish for about a minute or two on each side until there is decent colour and the fish doesn't 'give' when you prod it. That's it! Enjoy.

370 calories.

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