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National Doughnut Week

BYE cupcakes! So long macarons! Au revoir cake pops! The doughnut is back in town and it is reigning supreme until this Saturday 16th May with its very own 'week'.

Awareness weeks and the like are two a penny these days and to be honest are usually just an excuse for lazy PRs; recently a meat free week and British beef awareness week ran concurrently, which I enjoyed immensely. National Doughnut Week has rather more sway behind it though, so pay attention.

Independent Craft Baker Christopher Freeman of Dunn's Bakery in Crouch End, North London, founded this week back in 1991 with the intention of donating a percentage of the resulting sales to worthy causes. Since 2005, this worthy cause has been The Children's Trust - which is the UK's leading charity helping children with multiple disabilities and brain injuries via care, education and therapy.

Since then, National Doughnut Week has been recognised up and down the country by bakeries - check if your local is participating - all working to raise funds for this very worthwhile cause. Dunn's, and everyone else participating, would like you to do your bit by making a cup of tea and settling down to enjoy a delicious doughnut or two - not too difficult!

Here's little Leo helping out:

He ate the whole thing.

Dunn's is a lovely family run bakery that's been going since 1820 and they definitely know what they're doing. If you can tear yourself away from the eclairs and pecan tarts, you'll find their doughnuts are available in traditional iced jam, chocolate chip, custard, iced sprinkled rim and a truly decadent glazed chocolate with dark, white and milk chocolate curls and then filled with a rich chocolate ganache. No prized for guessing which one I had.

Well done Dunn's for your great work!

Get guzzling those doughnuts, or simply donate to The Children's Trust here. More info on what Dunn's are doing here.

Other London doughnuts that are worth a look include Crosstown Doughnuts in Soho for their weird and very wonderful flavours (matcha doughnut anyone?), Glazed and Confused which supplies beautiful artisanal doughnuts to nice independent coffee shops and Borough 22 who make glutenfree, dairy free, vegan doughnuts that for once aren't fun-free and will even deliver them to your door.

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