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Sicilian Swordfish & Red Pesto Roasted Veg

I've already raved about swordfish in my last post on it, so I'll spare you the nutrition lecture, but save to say it's good for you, it's ridiculously easy to cook and its really tasty. This time I've given the swordfish a litle flavour of Sicily thanks to the lemon and capers - almost a gremolata but with far less prep work.

We ate our's with a healthy portion of mixed roasted vegetables (I used tomatoes, pink onion, courgette and pimento peppers, but aubergine, carrots and even sweet potato would be equally delicious) and whizzed up a homemade red pesto to dress them with. We had some asparagus on the side too for even more veggie goodness. Anyone doing low carb, this is a great dish and you really don't feel at all deprived despite it being under 450 calories - and I'd been for a run first, so was starving!

Here's the recipe.

Serves 2-3 with leftovers

You will need:

1/2 courgette

5-6 small tomatoes


Pimento pepper

Olive oil

Tbsp pine nuts

Handful fresh basil

4 sundried tomatoes

Clove of garlic

Lemon juice

2 tbsp capers

Handful fresh parsley

Swordfish steaks (one per person)

Chop all the veg for roasting into good sized chunks and place on a tray in a low oven (175C). Make the pesto by blending the garlic, basil, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes and about two tablespoons of olive oil and one of water in a mini food processor. Season with lemon, salt and pepper. When you're happy with the flavour and texture spoon over the roasting veg and give it all a good shake so it's all coated. Leave in the oven for about an hour.

When the veg looks like it's pretty much done, you can get on with the swordfish. Get a saucepan really really hot and add a splash of olive oil. Lay all your fish out on a board and sprinkle with flour on both sides before placing in the pan (beware of splashes - I learnt this the hard way). Cook for about two or three minutes on each side without fiddling about with it. It needs to have good contact with the pan to make it taste so good. When it's almost there, throw in the capers, parsley and a good squeeze of lemon. You can even zest some if you want. That's it. Serve and pat yourself on the back for such a tasty dinner.

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