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Chipolata alla Napoletana

This is a grown up version of a basic sausage tray bake using all the typical flavours of Naples (fennel

seed, garlic, pork sausage, chilli, tomato, mozzarella). Ideally this would use friarielli which is a fancy Italian broccoli (sometimes known as cime di rape) that is kind of a cross between very fine tenderstem broccoli and robust spinach. I used spinach as god knows where you can buy friarielli from, and I've gone for chipolatas instead of sausages as a) I like calling it chipolata Napoletana! and b) it cuts the cooking time right down to 30 mins. Use sausages by all means but they must be good quality herby porky ones.

You will need:

(Serves 4)

Pack of 12 chipolatas

4 tomatoes

1/2 can chopped tomatoes

Lots of spinach or tenderstem broccoli

Tbsp fennel seeds (these are essential)

2 cloves garlic

Tbsp dried chilli flakes

1 ball mozzarella, torn

Chop the garlic and tomatoes roughly, then put the whole lot in the oven for 30 mins at 200C. It will wait longer if you want. That's it, seriously.

I added my mozzarella right at the end so it didn't melt, but it's up to you.

Serve with butter bean mash made with lots of lovely olive oil, salt and pepper.

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