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Cocktail O'Clock: GG&T

It's a bit late today, but I can now confidently declare it to be Cocktail O'Clock. And what a lovely day for it!

Recently my friend told me about certain gins being served with grapefruit slices instead of the traditional lemon - or cucumber in some cases - and I thought this sounded pretty good. I experimented with a slice of nectarine in my usual Opihr gin & tonic the other day and it was definitely a success. So, strolling around M&S this afternoon, this little Pink Grapefruit liqueur caught my eye (currently £8 down from £10) and I got myself an actual grapefruit and ran back to try it out.

Turns out, it's delicious with or without the gin, and I can assure you that a couple of these in a sunny garden go down very well indeed. I'm two GG&T's in now, and showing no signs of tiring of the sharp zesty flavour diluted with some trusty tonic and a splash of gin. It's my best friend's wedding tomorrow, so I'm toasting that alone - that's my excuse anyway.

Have a fun cocktail filled weekend everyone!

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