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Marcel & Sons, Elephant & Castle

So a few weeks ago, Rich and I were at the wedding of our friends Amy and Ian (Amy off of the excellent Feeding Franklin FYI) recently. Amy - being a creative events type - had pulled off a truly amazing set-up of festival chic in the middle of the Hertfordshire countryside, but even more impressively had sorted all the guests with some actually great wedding reception food by booking Marcel & Sons to make the long trek over from The Artworks in SE17 and make us all some bao.

Apparently Marcel & Sons do popular Mauritian food, and they serve up an ever changing menu of one dish comfort food from their South London base. I don't know about that, but their temporary residency at a farm near Enfield was the perfect setting for their amazing exotic wares.

Remember when I went to Bao in Soho? And how much of a fan I was of it? This was just as good. Divine puffy pillows of milk bun, filled with crispy pork and all sorts of fancy dressings which I can't remember (blame the free bar, thanks guys).

Pretty amazing wedding food though, no? We were very happy about it all.

*Almost* enough to make me go to Elephant.

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