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Hell's Kitchen: Sage Butter Pasta

As I write this, I'm sat surveying the absolute chaos of my house. KitchenAids are piled on my dining table next to the microwave, my kitchen is still completely unusable and I have three different White Goods dotted throughout my hall - again, none of them in action. I'm chomping at the bit to use my lovely new oven but its still all frustratingly out of reach; so when the builders DIDN'T TURN UP today I almost lost my mind. It's my 30th birthday (argh!) this weekend and I *really* need to have it ready for then.

Anyway, Mrs Parmar has been doing her level best to keep us all well fed in yummy nutritious Indian food, and I can't say we haven't had more than our fair share of takeaways (Tiffin Tin, Yuzu in West Hampstead thanks a lot) but we've also still been ploughing on with the old microwave meals. This one is very similar to a recipe I wrote for The Pool (GREAT website from Lauren Laverne and ex-Red magazine ed Sam Baker, do sign up), Pork Shoulder Mafaldine with Sage Butter. Its a really indulgent recipe, so I toned it down a bit for a weeknight and omitted the pork, swapping it with a ready made spinach and ricotta tortellini. There is literally almost half a pack of butter in here, so don't underestimate the calories, but hey it's worth it. If you want to tone it down a bit, then up the stock content instead.

I made a big batch during my last hours with kitchen equipment back in June then froze it in handy portions, which coped with being frozen quite well.

You can read the recipe here. As we are in kitchen hell - I'm talking no space for even a chopping board etc - I bought a pre-prepared Caesar salad in a bag (I love them anyway) as a semi-healthy side. To be honest, the creamy dressing jarred a bit with the warmth and richness of the sage butter, and a lemon and olive oil dressing probably would have been better.

For someone without a kitchen, not a bad supper.

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