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Hell's Kitchen: Creamy Crab Courgetti

Those of you with actual kitchens and an unusual desire not to cook every meal in a microwave will be pleased to hear that this is the last in my series of Hell's Kitchen posts. YAY. I now have a fully functioning lovely kitchen, so no need to exclusively eat takeaway or previously frozen batch cooked meals. For those of you who enjoy making your dinner in a microwave every night, you should take a look at my Microwave Meals series for The Debrief - a one bowl quick Jambalaya is the latest one up. There's loads more links over on the Media Work section too.

A lot of my recent microwaveable creations at home have been pasta based - this Sage Butter Tortellini, and this Sardine Spaghetti for example - and as a pretty efficient carb dodger normally, I was feeling a bit podgy. Time to get the old courgetti out again. Tesco do pots of ready made courgetti for exceedingly lazy people, so I got a couple of those and put my thinking cap on to make a healthy sauce to go with it given limited kitchen.

The fish counter had some whole dressed crab for £5, so I got myself one of those. At home I mashed a small avocado and set aside to work into the crab for extra creaminess. Then, I microwaved some of these really great Greek peppers from Odysea (in Wholefoods) with half a punnet of extra sweet baby tomatoes and lots of olive oil and garlic. It actually worked really well and made a lovely sweet rich sauce base. I stirred it into the mashed avocado and crab, then used loads of lemon and basil to season it. The courgetti only takes a minute or so as you don't want to cook it as such as it goes really wet. Pour the sauce over and you're done. Surprisingly good and lots of lovely fresh flavours going on, which I've really been missing. Crab is super low calorie, as is the rest of the veg content so you're just really looking at the good fats from half an avocado per person and as much olive oil as you fancy at 100cals per tbsp, so I'd estimate this comes in at around 400 cals or so.

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