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Indian 'Quesadillas'

Throughout our kitchen ordeal, our neighbour Mrs Parmar has brought us all sorts of great Indian food. One evening she brought us some Gujarati flatbreads she'd made that are called Methi Theplar - essentially a fenugreek heavy veggie chapati but thicker. She'd brought us a giant stack, so we ate them the first night with a dry spicy potato curry and some yoghurt: great. A few days later I had one for lunch using the curry leftovers and adding an egg yolk and garlic labneh: also great. Then, I was searching in the fridge for things to make for Rich to take to work for lunch and decided to attempt a kind of quesadilla from them.

It was my birthday at the weekend and I'd made a giant tray of chicken pilaff to serve and there were still decent amounts of leftovers (I can't ever bear to throw food away - read my piece on Leftovers for The Pool if you don't believe me). Call it fusion if you like, but to me spiced chicken and rice is calling out to be put in a quesadilla. I added some cooked spinach and a few cubes of cheese (bizarrely I used Double Gloucester but imagine Paneer would be epic) then stuffed the lot in between two flatbreads. Normal shop bought (or homemade) chapatis would serve just as well.

Fry the sandwiched chapatis in a dry pan for a minute or so either side, allowing the cheese to melt and bind it all together. Serve with yoghurt and lemon.

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