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Goose Egg

It's no secret that I'm a massive egg fan, so when I saw literally massive eggs - of the goose variety - in Hampstead Butcher & Providore the other day I snapped them up. Despite not being in an egg carton, they survived a very bumpy journey at the bottom of the buggy over Hampstead Heath as they are far more robust than chicken eggs, so cracking them requires a bit more vigour.

I've been an absolute beast lately thanks to all my birthday celebrations and a wedding almost every weekend and I'm on a proper reset to shed some poundage, so the first goose egg dish permutation is like every #eatclean you've ever seen. Kale, sauteed in coconut oil, with some very good smoked salmon from Kosher Kingdom - which incidentally, an ex-colleague was dismayed to discover is not in fact a theme park - and then topped off with the giant goose egg fried in more coconut oil.

Look at the size of them!

Weirdly, I hate egg white, but for once there was enough yolk.

I've recently acquired a Nutribullet and I LOVE it, so we had a tasty low cal juice of apricot, ginger, peach, almond and coconut milk. The whole breakfast came to around 350 calories and was very satisfying even after a hardcore gym session beforehand.

The next day, I took inspiration from my previous success with Saag Paneer Scramble and sauteed off some cubed paneer in coconut oil with kale instead of spinach and added a teeny bit of turmeric, then threw the egg in at the last minute and scrambled it quickly on a high heat. Paneer is high fat, so don't overdo the portioning, and obviously coconut oil is (good) fat along with the egg yolk so together with the levels of protein, this is all really good pre-exercise fuel.

We had ours on half of one of those square Warburton's pita things, which are 160 cals each so we just had half each (they're big). I should probably have made some kind of carb free substitute like chia seed or quinoa pancake, but you know, it is the weekend. I toasted them over the open flame of the gas hob:

Again, we had it with a very worthy Nutribullet of frozen forest fruits, blueberries and then half coconut milk, half water so bringing the whole breakfast in at 340 or so. Then I did 60 lengths. Lets not talk about the Dairy Milk I scoffed later.

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