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Courgette, Parsley & Chorizo Frittata

A quickie post today and it feels like really rather a cop out, as it's another frittata (which I've told you about endlessly) and it's ridiculously easy so doesn't exactly warrant a recipe. However, there are two interesting things about this particular frittata: I made this one with goose eggs, which I love (see here for more goose egg joy) and some beautiful British chorizo - a new thing to me.

The chorizo came courtesy of Farmdrop, which is a new initiative whereby amazing organic, local farm produce is delivered directly to your door. They have eye-watering amounts of delicious produce on the site and one could quite easily spend a small fortune browsing its hand dived scallops, courgette flowers and things that you just can't find in supermarkets - even swanky ones. But, we're here to talk about the chorizo; it comes from Moons Green producers in Kent and is made from high welfare pigs, hand dried and all that jazz. Here it is:

Taste-wise it's noticeably less smokey and fatty than most chorizos, but still does a good job of infusing the frittata with the desired flavour.

To make the frittata yourself, saute off a large courgette in butter, then add about an inch worth of chopped chorizo and a generous handful of parsley. Whisk the eggs (two goose eggs or 4-5 large hen's eggs) in a jug and pour over the pan. I also threw some leftover rocket in at this point but it won't suffer without.

Let set on the bottom then transfer to the oven to fluff up. I like to eat this cold and just have it on standby in the fridge for a snack or breakfast on the hop emergency. Approx 100-120 calories per quarter.

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