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Cocktail O'Clock: Venetian Martini

This week I was invited to drink Tanqueray cocktails at Quaglino's new botanical bar installation that they're calling 'Giovanni's Gin Garden' (FYI it's not an actual garden as I thought it was). I haven't been to Quaglino's since their revamp, so I trotted along to have a look, bringing a gin loving friend with me.

Quaglino's was looking very smart after its refresh and I loved the styling of the central bar in the middle; all decadence and glitz and glamour with some vegetation thrown in for good measure. The characteristic sweeping staircase remains too - phew.

My favourite drink of the evening was their Venetian Martini, hands down. A standard martini (just gin in an icy cold glass coated with vermouth) is usually a little bit too much for me - as hardened as I am - but this I could do. Here's the ingredients:

It still proved a little too strong for my friend, who felt wobbly after a few sips and declared the T10 Spritz her drink of choice.

I wouldn't know where to start making the Venetian Spritz at home as the ingredients alone are pretty tricky, so I'll have to placate myself by going back for more.

Thanks Quaglino's, Tanqueray and the PR team for a great gin soaked evening!

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