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Harissa Tomatoes, Eggs & Goat's Cheese

This jar of harissa has been staring at me for a while, since I was introduced to all the great Odysea products at a recent launch and today was its day.

Cranky, sleep deprived - due to an evening in A&E - and with a big day ahead, I needed a serious breakfast to perk me up. Mrs Parmar had made me some puris (like a fried chapati puff) and my first thought was to make some kind of Indian Huevos Racheros again, but then... enter the harissa.

I cooked down the four medium tomatoes with three teaspoons of the harissa mix for about five minutes in a frying pan, watching them melt into each other:

Meanwhile, I whisked one whole egg into two discarded yolks from a disastrous attempt at meringues at the weekend (don't ask) ready for scrambling. Ever since I made Madeleine Shaw's veggie omelette which uses extra yolks to whites I've been a firm advocate of this.

Once the tomatoes were ready, I popped the puri into the pan to warm - use chapati or toast or whatever if you don't have puri - then layered the tomatoes on top, then scrambled egg, then I crumbled some of this great goat's cheese I got from Ellie's Dairy at Borough Market:

I finished it off with basil as I've got loads at the moment, but mint would have been better. A breakfast which has luckily left me ready to face the day.

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