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Sea Bass, Farro, Runner Beans & Almond Pesto

I wrote a piece for The Debrief recently, on Wanky Grains (read it here if you like) and since then I've become quite the fan of farro. Farro is a wheat, but it has a nice nutty flavour and more bite to it than something like pearl barley, which is looks a bit like. Also, it has an equal protein content to quinoa but has less fat: win, win. (It's still a carb though). You can find it in the wholefoods bit of most big supermarkets, near the quinoa and all that.

I like to cook mine quickly in some stock or even just plain salted boiling water, which is what I did here. For the last five minutes of cooking time, I threw in some sliced runner beans and then stirred in a lovely zingy pesto. Make your own pesto, its such a difference I promise. This one is almonds, parsley, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and a teeny bit of parmesan just whizzed up in a processor for a few seconds.

To finish, I grilled a piece of sea bass and had with some leftover roasted tomatoes and it was one of the nicest little lunches I've made for ages.

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