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Pancetta, Chilli Polenta, Mushroom, Sage & Duck Egg Hash

Polenta is just fantastic stuff. I had some leftover from a batch I made recently (boil chicken stock, stir in polenta and dried chilli flakes, season with lemon juice and zest), so when I saw it staring at me from the fridge the other morning a hash was inevitable. For anyone not familiar with polenta, it really is wonderful stuff and incredible versatile. Once cooked and firm, you can treat in the same way as you can potato really.

I cut up the polenta into chunks and fried off in a pan with some nice pancetta slices, some fairly wrinkly mushrooms and a few sage leaves. No olive oil needed as the fat from the pancetta will suffice. After it had started to get all golden and smelling amazing, I cracked two duck eggs over the top, then covered with a lid (well, plate actually) for a few minutes.

The result was immense - the sage, chilli and lemon really took it to the next level.

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