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Cocktail O'Clock: V&T

Excuse the blurry pic - obviously I was in a big hurry to get to my drink before Milly did. Just sharing a new thing I've tried recently - Vermouth! My experience of vermouth until now has been limited to literally swilling it around a frozen glass and tipping out before filling with gin and an olive for a martini. This is nothing like that kind.

BELSAZAR is a high end German (yes, German!) Vermouth made by aromatising and fortifying wine and botanicals in the Black Forest. There are four varieties: Dry, Red, White and Rose, I have the Rose. They say its "A unique development in the field of vermouth; zesty, fresh and light with delicate notes of herbs, red fruit, white blossom and spice." Quite.

They told me to try it in the place of gin in tonic, which I did immediately. Use a decent tonic like the lovely Fever Tree one; the result is refreshing, slightly sharp and much more herbal than I'd expected. I loved the colour too.

A nice little pre-wine aperitif, thanks BELSAZAR.

Buy it here.

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