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Smoking Goat, Soho

Just a quick post today to say that if you haven't yet been to Smoking Goat - on Denmark Street between Soho and St Giles - then you should.

It's primarily a Thai bbq style place with lots of impressive grilled meats, fish and veg but one of their signature stand out dishes is the Fish Sauce Wings, pictured above. Coated in a tempura like light batter, they are immensely crispy, salty, sweet and sour at once and as £7 a go, not bad at all. There is also a chilli version which I'll definitely have next time.

We opted for a few dishes to share over lunch (which YAY you can book! Not dinner though, unless you are six or more) and other standouts included this Picanha 'Waterfall' Beef - which was lovely rare decent beef marinated in complex Thai flavours, though chilli and lemongrass stood out. Apparently, it's so-called because as the meat is grilling over the bbq, juices cascade off in the manner of a waterfall.

Som Tam aka green papaya salad is one of my favourite things ever, so obviously had to have that. It was good, though didn't pack as much of a punch as the one at Som Saa.

Drinks are worth a good look, with a handful of inventive cocktails and some great beers, though sadly I had to abstain. At least there was this lemon and kaffir soda:

There are many many more things on the menu I'd like to eat here - not least the goat shoulder - so I shall return when I next find myself at a loose end near Tottenham Court Road, and ideally in a larger group so as to be able to order everything.

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