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The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich

Recently Burts Chips - they of the hand cooked potato crisps - got in touch and asked me how I felt about crisp sandwiches. Funnily enough, I said, I'm heavily pregnant and they have been my go-to craving throughout - even though I can't normally abide a crisp. I've been having them mostly with tuna mayo on white bread and opting for a ready salted or salt and vinegar variety and can't get enough of them - as evidenced here.

Burts said that they'd put together a list of the ultimate crisp sandwiches after working with Dean Edwards (Masterchef 2006, ITV's Lorraine). Here's their list:

· Beef Yorkie with Burts Devon Roast Beef

· Cheese ‘n Pickle with Burts Sea Salt and Malted Vinegar

· Luxury Truffled Egg with Burts Sea Salt

· Steak and Stilton Baguette with Burts Sea Salt and Crushed Peppercorn

· Crunchy Cheese Quesadilla with Burts Thai Sweet Chilli

· Roasted Summer Vegetable Roll with Burts Vintage Cheddar and Spring Onion

· Spicy Chorizo Club with Burts Spicy Chorizo

· Lobster Mayonnaise with Burts Firecracker Lobster

Now these all sound pretty good, but for my personal ultimate crisp sandwich I preferred this one: Indian style roast chicken with mayo, rocket and Burts Sea Salt.

You can't beat a chicken mayo sandwich IMO, and the tandoori style just gives it a little edge which is nice with the peppery rocket - the crisps obviously provide the much needed crunch. My plate is new from Oliver Bonas, by the way, isn't it cute?

Also, this was a close second: Manchego, tomato, rocket and harissa mayo with Burts Spicy Chorizo.

The harissa mayo (a GBK off the shelf one) totally makes this sandwich as its smokiness works well with the kick of the chorizo crisps. Don't turn your nose up at the pre-sliced bread choice either (think it was something like Hovis Best of Both) as the benefits of a softer, squidgier bread cannot be underestimated when it comes to the contrast of textures in a crisp sandwich.

So there we are. What would your ultimate crisp sandwich be? Maybe this Yorkie version like Dean's?...

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