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Wahaca Taco Kits

Fajita night is fun isn't it? But for me, once I've loaded each giant wrap up with guac, cheese, sour cream and Christ knows what else they're not exactly a healthy low cal option. And now, with a good few pounds of baby weight to lose, I need something just as yum but also not 500 cals a wrap. Also, Mexicans wouldn't be seen dead heaping all that stuff into a tortilla - fajita night as we know and love it is strictly Tex-Mex territory.

Enter the new Wahaca taco kits...

I think there's a few varieties around but I picked up this Habanero & Achiote box in my local big Tesco. You get 10 *really* nice corn tortillas that don't have that flabby pasty feel some shop bought ones do (and who's got time to make their own in the week?), an achiote marinade and an actually spicy habanero salsa for £3.69. The pack suggests adding chicken and topping with avocado and lime, but I went for pork loin and cauliflower to lighten it up a bit - and nowhere near the 500g they suggest either, more like 300.

The achiote is a traditional Mexican herb and kind of gave a slight smokiness and richness to the pork and cauliflower which I marinaded for most of the day before grilling under a high heat for about 15 minutes. Don't cut the fat off the pork and it will provide all the oil you need. And be much tastier.

Whilst all that was going on I chopped some tomatoes and coriander and a teeny bit of avocado, mixed it up and seasoned with loads of salt and lime juice.

I'm also slightly obsessed with sousing thinly sliced red onion right now - like with these Middle Eastern duck wraps - so that happened too. Do the same by putting a small red onion through the finest setting on a mandolin slicer then let it sit in plenty of red wine vinegar for half an hour or so. It takes the bitterness out of the onion and is just a good thing to do.

Here's a closer look at the finished pork and cauliflower:

Mexicans really wouldn't go near dairy in a taco, but these are mine and that habanero salsa is hot! So, we also had some yoghurt on the side.

The taco, salsa and marinade comes in at 85 cals per piece I think, so once you've added on a couple of slices of pork and all the veggie sides plus a dollop of natural yoghurt you're probably looking at about 160 calories per taco. Now the only challenge is to try not to eat all ten. We did.

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