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Indian Huevos Rancheros

Everyone, I'm pretty sure I've invented an amazing new breakfast! Think how amazing huevos rancheros is - that classic Mexican combo of tortilla, chilli, tomato, egg and chorizo is so delicious. Now think how great it would be Indian style... pretty flipping good, right? Yes.

I had some leftover puris (little fried puffed up chapatis) from when Mrs Parmar made me this incredible tindora masala, but I'm not suggesting you make them as I wouldn't know where to start. Instead, just get yourself some normal chapatis, spread them with a bit of butterm ghee or coconut oil and toast them off in a saucepan. Add a pinch of mustard seeds, some chilli powder, turmeric and crack an egg over it all. Slice some tomatoes and coriander over the chapatis / puris and egg. When the egg is almost cooked, squeeze some lime over the pan and spoon a good dollop of natural yoghurt in the middle.

A really different and delicious weekend brunch dish and it's made in under five minutes!

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