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Chicken & Okra Curry

I wrote this recipe for a piece I did for The Debrief on how to make your Sunday roast chicken last for seven meals, but it's a great dish in its own right so I'm sharing it today. (You can read my piece here)

As ever, with most of my Indian recipes, this is a Mrs Parmar special. Being vegetarian, she would obviously not put chicken in hers, but I appreciate that lots of you would like to! Prawns would also be good to use - basically anything that doesn't need very much cooking (note: I used leftover cooked chicken).

You will need:

(Serves two)

Two handfuls frozen okra (or spinach if you hate okra)

Can of tomatoes

Tbsp coconut oil or ghee

4 cloves garlic

Tsp turmeric

Tsp ground cumin

Tsp ground coriander

Tsp mustard seeds

Tsp fennel seeds

Tablespoon minced ginger (or grated fresh)

Handul or two of cooked chicken or prawns

Heat the oil and add the mustard seeds in a pan. When they start jumping around add the tomatoes and garlic. When the oil rises to the top of the tomatoes, add everything else and heat through. If you find it becomes too dry in the process, add water. This will keep warm on the stove no problem until you need it and freezes really well too.

In the picture I've served it with some basmati rice cooked with turmeric. You could also do this with cauliflower rice (no need to microwave it first, just dry fry straight in the pan). A very low calorie dish without the rice - probably around the 400 mark depending on the actual amount of meat or oil used.

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