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Cocktail O'Clock: White Sangria

Ah, sangria. Let me count the ways I love thee, Spanish wine based punch. A: a lot. For me, a sangria can take various forms; I basically chuck whatever I've got in the fridge in along with a bottle of white wine, bottle of red, some brandy and some OJ mixed with lemonade. Once in Lanzarote, my mum and I shared a very pleasant jug of Cava sangria for breakfast after a long walk on the coast, and that is always the one my sangrias aspire to these days. It was kind of orangey, kind of peachy and yet had none of the sickly sweetness often associated with those kinds of flavours: probably it had plenty of brandy in.

But I digress. On a recent stroll around Borough Market, my friend Julia and I spotted this white wine sangria. We had to have it. True to form, there was detectable brandy, a dash of lemonade and plenty of fruity white wine and loads of fruit. £3.50 for Spain in a takeaway plastic cup seemed like a good deal to me.

I'm definitely making this for the garden this year, although I think I'll lose the mint - just makes it too Pimmsy - but I can see that a sprig or two of rosemary or basil would be a good exchange. Some slices of peach and luxe-ing it up with cava is the way forward.

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