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Cheddar, Kale & Chilli Gnocchi Bake

Can you tell I was hungover when I made this? Encompassing the holy grail of hangover cures: carbs and fat, this is really not my normal day to day food but oh my gosh it was tasty. Like a big, grown up mac'n'cheese, but even better. I was feeling slovenly, so obviously did not make my own gnocchi and just boiled up some pre-packaged stuff, but you could totally make your own if you wanted (egg, potato, flour, roll into a sausage, chill, slice, boil).

Here's how I made this one.

Boil the kettle and cook the gnocchi and kale (lots of it) on a rolling boil for about 3-4 mins. Drain and put into an oven proof shallow dish.

Make a cheese sauce by melting a good knob of butter in the still warm pan (low heat) and sprinkle in a small handful of flour. As they start to come together and form a paste, add about a glass worth of milk. Initially it will look like the roux hasn't worked, but bear with it and it will become smooth and thick as the milk heats up. Grate in a handful of strong cheddar and then when the cheese has melted and become all gooey, pour over the gnocchi and kale. Add some more chunks of cheddar at this point if you like, I did. In for a penny, in for a pound and all that. That Davidstow Vintage is absolutely lethal.

Sprinkle over a few sprigs worth of fresh thyme leaves. If you don't have fresh then don't bother because that dried stuff does absolutely nothing. Grate some garlic over it all and bake in a very hot oven until golden, caramel coloured and crispy on top. I scatted some raw fresh birds eye chilli over the top to serve - but I suggest you only do this if you like eye watering heat! Eat, feel appalled with yourself and resolve to go for a run tomorrow.

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